How to Build a Deck Without Concrete

Low-impact design + old technology: behold the power of the helical screw pile.

Reclaimed 100-Year-Old Detroit Brick

Repurposing post-industrial Rust Belt treasure.

How to Build a Fence Without Concrete

Low-impact design + infinite applications takes the ecospike beyond American mailboxes.

Vertical Planters

Maximize vertical space + utilize shorter lengths of scrap wood without feeling scrappy.

Wood Shower

A contemporary alternative to tile.

Full Scale 1565 Map of the World on Wood

A map that looks and feels half a millennium old in vivid detail.

Modern Yet Vintage Custom Shelves

Modern + timeless shelving with a vintage finish and slim, functional profile.

Ann Arbor Manhole Competition Semifinalist

The iconic Ann Arbor street grid + Huron River amalgamated in cast metal relief.